About Us

Our Company in nutshell

Established 2004, based in Finland.

We are highly qualified professionals, we have world class expertise in mobile self-care apps development and integration with  any backed systems.

We have world class expertise in IT Consulting & Strategy , we consult in public cloud, cloud infrastructure and cloud platforms. We execute and modernize technology environments with cloud-based architecture. Maintained and supported by us.

Everyone of us is passionate about learning – there’s nobody here who’s got lost on the way.
Customer is always Priority 1!
We’ve chosen to trust each other. Life is better that way.

Our values can be seen in our daily actions – transparency, no bureaucracy, autonomy, customer discussions, common planning, project habits, etc.



We have the best expertise for customization


We have the best expertise for WordPress 1 click installatioin

SSL certificate for your site FREE

Easy Backup, rollback ect

Domains and Hosting

We are official FI Registrar and we can register any tld domain name for you.
-DNSSEC services
-Name servers
-Email / Exchange , Office 365, IMAP, POP3
-Virtual servers
-Web hotel

Exchange office 365

We are pioneer in office 365 and we strongly recommend companies to move to office 365! lets chose the right package for your company… E3, E5 or Small Business your chose  5 minute setup

Analytics real-time

We do provide real-time Analytics for Admins

Virtual Servers

We provision servers for you in less than 30 minutes ready for use


Customer first, that’s our Philosophy ! We do have 5 star Support Services if needed we do provide 24/7 .

Server rent

We work we the bests and we have the ability to find for you the right server or service, close to you, close to your customer, supported backup, installations, recovery and many more…

Additional Information

Beside that we have world class expertise in mobile self-care apps, offering real-time analytic to Admin and real-time offer to end-user we do have World class expertise IT Strategy & Consulting  for any size of company how to move to the cloud and or why moving everything, why not choosing Hybrid mode that’s our recommended concept for any larger Enterprise, but in case you decide to move everything to the cloud we are there to help you.


Our Skills

Mobile APPS:




Office 365:

Microsoft Azure:

Meet Our CEO

Why You Should Choose Us?

Sometime you just need the right partner to trust.

We have been there, we are here and we understand the risk plus we have the courage to say No when we see that customer isn’t in the right track! For us wining a deal is not Priority our Philosophy is Value for many partner for the future, lets explorer the future together, because  success is coming through a good partner not a bad one.

  • FI official REGISTRAR since 2006

PC-WebSolutions MS is official Registrar at Traficom. fi since 2006 and beside that we can register for you any tld domain name such>





  • DNSSEC services
  • Name servers
  • Services for private individuals NO
  • Email
  • Domain name administration without other services
  • Virtual servers
  • Web hotel
  • Two-factor authentication

We offer real time Monitoring services were you can make easier decisions based on real time information , no more hidden gaps! For  more info, please  contact sales or check demo


  • Windows server rent
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Active Directory (AD)
  • Name servers
  • Ubuntu server rent
    • Installation and Configuration
  • Exchange server
  • Virtual servers
  • Open VPN server installations
    • Configuration

for more info contact>>> sales@pcwebsolutions.fi